Studio Pragma became part of MGI in 2004, one of the largest alliances of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms in the world, composed by nearly 200 firms in more than 80 countries, thus enhancing our international services.
MGI is composed of highly skilled consulting firms with proven professionalism competences and high quality of service and support, which has permitted the alliance to grow continually for more than 50 years. Members are all independent firms but make full use of their extensive relationships around the globe. Our clients benefit from our strong and collaborative professional relationship with MGI partners and staff and from access to a global service.

Studio Pragma is an INVITALIA member. INVITALIA is the national agency for the attraction of foreign investments and business development. It acts on behalf of the Italian government and is focused on developing national competitiveness, especially concentrating its activity in the South of the country, taking into account all the key and strategic sectors for Italian economic development.
The mission of INVITALIA is to attract of foreign investment in order to promote innovation and increase national productivity.

Our firm is very proud to be part of these two prestigious organisations and that pride motivates our team and improves our work.